Metta, Entrepreneur's membership Club Branding, LKF, Hong Kong

Sam was an integral part of the Metta launch team, working closely with our marketing and communications director, and CTO, in conceptualizing, designing and creating a website, app, all printed materials and well as digital communications. She also supported the interior design team with signage, carpeting and printed details in the physical space. This challenging task required Sam to take what was merely a vision and outline of a concept, and build it out into a living and breathing brand identity. Creating the character, look and feel and collateral to be able to launch a full scale operation, all under severe time pressure. The capability to drive the creative process, with great enthusiasm for what can be achieved, and then translate this into deployable application, with excellent attention to detail, are what makes Sam’s skills highly sought after.”

Lawrence Morgan – CEO Nest & Metta

”Sam melds creative and business strategy perspectives in her work. Every design choice not only has context, but also considerations for who and when users will distribute, update, and interact with it. She thinks holistically about how design and creative works can add to the scalability and sustainability of a business.”

Diane Wang – Marketing Manager, Nest & Metta